v0.8 patch

31. října 2009 v 16:40 | Admin-Pes 2010 |  For English-speaking 2010 Patch 0.8

Includes all previous updates

  • All CL teams (Rubin Kazan, Maccabi Haifa etc.)
  • 3 new teams (RB Salzburg, Rapid Wien, Steaua Bucuresti)
  • Complete 2. Bundesliga (Championship option coming later)
  • Correct ball names
  • Replay Logos
  • Bundesliga adboards
  • Includes kitserver 9.05 (-> works with 1.1)
  • Updated Bundesliga kits (incl. sleeve patches etc.)
  • Updated player stats
  • Complete Bundesliga
  • Updated kit configuration for all teams
  • Updated kits and numbers
  • Corrected names for unlicensed national teams
  • New balls
  • Bundesliga in place of Eredivisie (Eredivisie is still there; your saved games still work ;-)
  • Missing teams added to CL mode selection
  • updated league and cup logos
  • updated German national team
  • original league, cup and team logos
  • correct kits for all teams
  • faces for some players
  • correct team names
  • Before you start a 'Become a Legend' career or a Master League you have to run BAL.bat from your PES 2010 install directory (shortcut in start menu, too)
  • It is recommended that you start a new Master League after you updated the patch, but your old savegames will still work.

How to install:
  1. Run 2010 Patch 0.8 all-in-one.exe
  2. Install the patch to your PES 2010 directory (auto-selected)
  3. Start the game with the shortcut
Additional info:
  • Face list can be found in kitserver/docs or in your start menu.
  • You can find this document in kitserver/docs or in your start menu.
  • If you use Windows Vista / Seven you have to run the installation programm as administrator (right click -> run as admin)
  • If the kits, logos etc. are not shown correctly ingame, try to install kitserver manually (kitserver/setup.exe)
Patch team:
Pat, Grand Bleu

  • seujair, Heui, RKO, FCH, R4m130, Nathan, Stelios, Arsenal4Life
  • Juce & Robbie for kitserver
  • w!ld@ for his great editor
  • all kitmakers
  • all facemakers

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