patch 1.0 + 1.01 ML,BAL fix

16. listopadu 2009 v 10:13 | Admin-Pes 2010 |  For English-speaking 2010 Patch 1.0


  • Complete transfers (other teams not yet)
  • Bundesliga completely updated (added missing players, player stats and appearences)
  • Many new club teams (all EL teams, south american teams, check the teamlist file for more details)
  • 3 new national teams (Algeria, Latvia & New Zealand)
  • Kits for all teams (kits for all 2. Bundesliga teams, new adidas national team kits, kits for all new teams)
  • Master League bugdet and transfer behaviour updated
  • Updated national team squads (Portugal, Argentina, Mexico etc.)
  • New relinked faces (Wales NT, Donovan etc.)
  • Classic teams unlocked and with correct faces (if available by default, e.g. Stam)
  • New adboards
If you want to play BAL, remove unnamed_6.bin from dt04.img.
There is a problem with ML when loading a savegame, we are trying to release a fix for this problem soon.


Download BAL2.bat (copy to your PES folder and run before you start/load a BAL file):

Before you start a 'Become a Legend' career or a Master League you have to run BAL.bat from your PES 2010 install directory (shortcut in start menu, too); read below what do to if BAL.bat doesn't work. (Additional info)
It is recommended that you start a new Master League after you updated the patch, but your old savegames will still work.

How to install:
1. Run 2010 Patch 1.0.exe
2. Install the patch to your PES 2010 directory (auto-selected)
3. Start the game with the shortcut

Additional info:
Face list can be found in kitserver/docs or in your start menu.
You can find this document in kitserver/docs or in your start menu.
If you use Windows Vista / Seven you have to run the installation programm as administrator (right click -> run as admin)
If the kits, logos etc. are not shown correctly ingame, try to install kitserver manually (kitserver/setup.exe)
If BAL.bat does not work correctly, you can manually replace 'unnamed_12.bin' from kitserver/img/dt04.img with 'unnamed-12.bin'. You should make a save copy of the original file first.

Patch team:
Pat, Grand Bleu, SMcCutcheon

seujair, Heui, RKO, FCH, R4m130, Nathan, Stelios, EPTeam
Juce & Robbie for kitserver
w!ld@ for his great editor
all kitmakers
all facemakers 2010 Patch 1.01 - ML & BAL Fix

Download complete version:

Download Update 1.0 -> 1.01

Before you start a 'Become a Legend' career (or load an older savefile) you have to start BAL.bat and BAL2.bat
Before you start a Master League (only 1 time, until you created your savegame) you have to run BAL.bat

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