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Klikněte prosím a pomůžete te mi ,já vam na oplátku také na něco kliknu když to dáte do komentu :-)

Pes Edit pach 2.1

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You will need to install these versions first to get the full package:

New Features 2.1:
  • All Star Teams (World, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Asia)
  • Latest kits and faces (Puma 2010 Kits; Carroll, Cuellar etc.)
  • Assigned more boots
  • Updated some National Teams (Spain, Cyprus etc.)
  • Updated stats for National Teams and Other Leagues teams
  • Fixed many transfers and bugs


This is an update for version 2.0. So you have to install 2.1 over 2.0. Don't delete 2.0 before!

For playing online first use online switch .. moreover you have to copy out the dtof.img folder out of the kitserver folder, before starting the game. After playing online copy it back and use default switch.

Notice: You have to download all 3 parts and save them, then if you unpack part 1 it automatically unpacks all three parts!

Error whith Hairs have to do with you kitserver lodmixer settings!


18. března 2010 v 17:31 | Admin-Pes 2010 |  Faces by me(puffle,valencia25)
David Villa

Download Here

Fernando Torres

18. března 2010 v 17:24 | Admin-Pes 2010 |  Faces by me(puffle,valencia25)
Fernando Torres

Download Here

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